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Reach the highest potential of your books by converting them into audiobooks.

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Our Audiobook Recording Services Will Help You Reach Entirely New Audiences

Due to the introduction of emerging technology, the book market is continually subject to change. With the advent of audiobooks, authors and consumers now have more options for creating and publishing works.

Reach A New Audience

Because audiobooks can be listened to in various ways, readers find them convenient. By employing an audiobook narrator, you can increase your potential audience.

Positive Reputation

Making a book into an audiobook can enhance your credibility as an author and reputation in the field. Utilize our audiobook services to make your book available to everyone!

Grow Your Revenue

Creating an audiobook version of a book opens up additional sales channels. We've discovered over time that audiobook services are lucrative and frequently less expensive than physical copy publication.

Entice Your Readership

Change the way your audience is consuming your content with audiobook subscription services.

Intensify Your Audiobook’s Narration

We Offer Recordings for Audiobooks in a Variety of Ways

Reach All Corners of The World

Listen to Our Audiobook Samples and Experience the Difference

You can listen to our professionally made audiobooks and have your books recorded in the same way.

Audiobook Sample: Male

Audiobook Sample: Female

The Most Affordable Audiobook Narrations

We Offer a Variety of Packages So You Can Save Money

We have seasoned creative writers on board who are capable of offering services for a wide range of writing projects in affordable rates.

Package Name Level of Narrator No. of Words Price
Basic Audiobook Beginner Narrator Up to 5000 words Request Price
Advanced Audiobook Professional Narrator Up to 5000 words Request Price
Expert Audiobook Top Notch Narrator Up to 5000 words Request Price

The Most Affordable Audiobook Narrations

Choose between solo, duet, multicast, and full-cast audiobook narrators. Hire today!

Your top pick for an audiobook service is Grant Writing Hub

Turning Your Book into An Audiobook, Gracefully

All The Voices in The World

When you book a spot against our audiobook services, you’re welcomed by our project managers, who fully comprehend the scope of your project. This makes it easier to spot the voice you need to play your character accurately.

Get What You Paid For

Our team of audiobook experts is willing to serve authors from around the world because we believe you deserve recognition for all the hard work you put in.
  • Editors, proofreaders, and listeners to verify your book
  • Free consultation for audiobook marketing strategies

We Hate Being Late!

You shall receive your audiobook in the desired format no later than when it was promised. If you don’t like our work, you can request unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied with what you’re putting out to the world.

Your Confidentiality Is a Serious Business

As we share information across the web, we guarantee the use of secure mediums to ensure your audiobook doesn’t get leaked. If you want us to remain ghosts, then so shall be it!

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